Nuterra Group has its own gardens, which are planted with the most advanced planting technology with drip irrigation.

The highest walnut varieties (international standards): Chandler, Franquette, Lara and Moldavian varieties.

Categories of walnuts

Walnuts insheel – available in different grades and caliber in accordance with customer specifications. Category – 27, 28, 30, 30+
Walnut kernels: Category A, B, Mixt, C, K, D, F
Separately, we can supply nutshell and nut leaves, which are intended for medicine.

Category A

Light halves from 18 mm+

Category B

Light quarter – (1/4), Light eighth – (1/8) from 8-18 mm


Mix from 8 mm+

Category C

Mix amber from 8 mm+

Category K

Mix from 3-8 mm

Category D

Industrial nut

Category F

Crumb from 2mm

Nut Shell


Walnut kernels are packed in 5 level cardboard of 10 kg boxes, also 2 vacuum sacks of 5 kg.
We can offer different packaging in accordance with our client’s requirements.

Nuterra Group

The company Nuterra Group is a group of companies engaged in agro-industrial activities since 2012. Nuterra Group has different types of gardens in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, which are planted according to the highest technologies of planting and watering.